Hi there!

Nice to meet you. David and Valeriy here - the guys behind HAMMERLEDS®.

It all started when we first heard about TET or Trans Euro Trail project.

We downloaded the GPX track. Went on the first ride. And there was no way back…

Rough Road

We Love Adventure Riding

This is something we understood right from the very beginning.

This is something that was clear right from that very first TET ride. Just like our passion for mechanics, it was about to grow only stronger. Bitten by the adventure bug, we love to spend hours in the garage messing with our bikes and preparing for the next off-road trip. Years later into our hobby we started to grow tired of returning home with another set of broken blinkers... Another weekend, another pair of broken blinkers?

This is when we decided, that this problem needs to be solved for good.

After looking at almost every possible turn signal on the market and being unable to find a satisfactory solution, the only option left was to develop the LED motorcycle turn signals ourselves.

It should be possible to build extra durable LED turn signals, right?

10+ Years Experience in Mechanical Engineering

We were up for a challenge to build something awesome.

And... we were up for a challenge to build something so many had failed to do before us. This is where the 10+ years experience in mechanical engineering and building hardware products came in handy.

Broken turn signal Honda CRF300L Burned turn signal BMW F650GS Dakar

A few months later the first concept and prototype of a drop-proof, bendable LED motorcycle turn signal was created. Once shared with other adventure riders on some community forums, immediately it was clear that hundreds of riders are facing the same issue with broken turn signals on their off-road bikes. This is when we made a decision to turn a fun weekend project into a full scale company.

In July 2021 Strive Moto LLC was established.

1.5 years down the road and after extensive product testing, gathering and executing on rider feedback, setting up manufacturing and certification we are proud to launch our first debut product - 100% drop-proof, 360° bendable LED motorcycle turn signals a.k.a. HAMMERLEDS® Flex 4.

We appreciate you being here.

Hope our work will help you spend less time fixing your bike and more time enjoying amazing outdoor adventures.

Ride safe,


Building Products
Valeriy from HAMMERLEDS

Doing Sales

On 15.03.2023 Strive Moto SIA has signed agreement No. SKV-L-2023/144 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) for the project International competitiveness promotion which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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