FLEX 4 - Husqvarna Motorcycle LED Turn Signals - Full Kit
FLEX 4 - Husqvarna Motorcycle LED Turn Signals - Full Kit
FLEX 4 - Husqvarna Motorcycle LED Turn Signals - Full Kit
FLEX 4 - Husqvarna Motorcycle LED Turn Signals - Full Kit
FLEX 4 - Husqvarna Motorcycle LED Turn Signals - Full Kit
FLEX 4 - Husqvarna Motorcycle LED Turn Signals - Full Kit
FLEX 4 - Husqvarna Motorcycle LED Turn Signals - Full Kit

FLEX 4 - Husqvarna Motorcycle LED Turn Signals - Full Kit


all parts for plug and play front and rear turn signal upgrade

4 - 'HAMMERLEDS® FLEX 4' turn signals
2 - front wire adapters (Husqvarna 2-pin OEM connector)
2 - rear wire adapters (Husqvarna 2-pin OEM connector)
1 - LED turn signal flasher relay (Husqvarna 3-pin OEM connector)

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  • plug-and-play installation with OEM connectors
  • CANbus & ECU compatible (no dashboard errors)
  • 5-year warranty & crash-care program

This kit is guaranteed to fit and operate correctly on your selected motorcycle.

Indicator technology: LED (light-emmitting diodes)
Number of LEDs: 4
LED color: PC amber
Maximum light output: 332 Lumens
Operating voltage: 10-15 V
Power rating: 4.8 W
Overvoltage protection: no
Reverse polarity support: yes
Front running light support: optional
Connector type: motorcycle specific OEM connector
Wire length: motorcycle specific, minimum 300 mm / 11.8 in

Turn signal stem: flexible
Dimensions (LxWxH): 83 x 25 x 17 mm / 3.26 x 1 x 0.67 in
Thread dimensions: M10x1.25
Weight: 55 g / 2 oz
Materials: Main enclosure - CNC 6-series aluminium, hard anodized in black, with scratch resistant and UV protected surface
 Threaded stud - CNC 6-series aluminium, hard anodized in black, with scratch resistant and UV protected surface
 Spring stem - stainless steel
 Fresnel lens - injection moulded 2mm thick polycarbonate with reinforced carcass
Enviromental protection:IP68 rated (water and dust proof), tested at 2ATM pressure for 24 hours
Operating temperature:-20°C to +55°C / -4°F to 131°F

Warranty:5-year limited manufacturer warranty
Crash-care:5-year crash-care programme

HAMMERLEDS® FLEX 4 turn signals are always ready for your next off-road adventure ride.

✔ 360° bendable stalk protects the OEM fairings and the turn signals from being broken. With Flex 4 you can forget about replacing your broken blinkers. During a motorcycle drop the bendable stem allows the turn signal to bend freely and minimise the impact force. This helps to avoid damage to the turn signals or OEM fairings of your motorcycle.

✔ Ultra-bright, wide angle LEDs make sure you are visible in traffic. With 4 premium quality 120° ultra-bright amber LEDs and 300 lumen light output, Flex 4 provides supreme daytime visibility and often outperforms your OEM indicators. Rated at 4.8 Watts, Flex 4 is one of the brightest motorcycle turn signals on the market.

✔ E-mark certified and street legal design allows to pass motorcycle inspection with ease. The extended stalk makes sure the correct turn signal mounting distances are met on most of the adventure and dual-sport bikes. This way you won't have any issues in passing your regular motorcycle inspection.

✔ Integrated damping tube keeps the turn signals steady while riding on rough terrain. Unlike some OEM turn signals that bounce heavily when riding off road, Flex 4 are always steady thanks to the integrated damping tube.

✔ IP68 rated, waterproof enclosure avoids water damage. No more fogged lenses or corroded wires. Flex 4 turn signals are IP68 rated, resistant to mud, water and dust. Riding in heavy rain, crossing rivers or jet washing your motorcycle - these turn signals are ready for that.

✔ Extra durable materials ensure these turn signals will last a long time. Flex 4 turn signals are built to last. No plastic parts and compromises in build quality. Enclosure is CNC'ed from tough 6-series aluminium, hard anodized for scratch resistant and UV protected surface. The spring is made from stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Thick, 2mm polycarbonate lens with reinforced carcass.

✔ Protected by our 5Y warranty & 5Y crash-care program. For extra peace of mind each of our turn signals is backed up by a 5Y limited manufacturer warranty and covered by our 5Y crash-care program.

Certified according to UN regulation No. 148 both as front and rear direction indicators.

Type approval: E-mark (category 11, 12).
Usage: As front or rear direction indicators on motorcycles.

Road legal in: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Does not comply with FMVSS108 or CMVSS108 regulations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dennis Wagner
Incredible set of turn signals!

I purchased these to replace the massive, weak OEM incandescent turn signals on my (US) 2022 Norden 901. I installed these on the front and rear and I’m honestly over the moon about them. I wish I ordered these sooner. The craftsmanship and quality is just superb. Visually, these turn signals look the part, they look extremely refined and match the lines of the bike perfectly. Functionally just as well. Being smaller turn signals I thought it wouldn’t be as bright but just looking at these for a second I saw stars! Also, install for these was incredibly easy! Truly as plug and play as it gets.

These turn signals are the best in the business. I don’t know why you would go with anything else. HIGHLY recommend.

Kevin K.
A great ADV option

I installed these on my US '22 Norden. This bike came from the factory with incandescent bulbs that totally looked out of place. A modern bike deserves LED signals. Even after having the local Dealer re-code the bike for LED (Can only be done at the Dealer), there were still issues and these were not exactly "plug and play". HammerLED worked with me and we came up with working solution that I am happy with. We confirmed these work perfectly using the supplied resistors in the OEM incandescent configuration, making it truly "plug and play". The OEM connectors and minimal resistor size make for easy installation. And an added bonus, they help make the bike look like proper ADV.
These are very bright and seem almost indestructible. You would have to try really hard (use a hammer?) to break one of these signals. A five year warranty helps ease the mind. You can tell right away that some serious thought and testing went into this product. Well done! Hammer time!!!

Kris Berg
Fantastic turn signals!

Very happy with my Hammerled turn signals! The quality is outstanding, the design makes perfect sense and the customer service is excellent. This is company is a model for success. Even the packaging was well thought out and executed!

I wanted to replace the OEM signals on my 2019 Husqvarna 701E because I kept breaking them and I knew I wanted ‘bendable’ and small but very bright LED. Hammerled was the perfect solution. I highly recommend these signals as they are bomb-proof, look amazing and extremely bright.

Rusty DC3

Great upgrade. Installed these on my TR650 Terra yesterday and they look great. Engineering and quality are exceptional. Val and team helped with with a lesser know bike and were able to install the correct connectors so it was a plug and play job. Customer service is top notch. Well worth the money. As others have said, these are bright!

Dakin Bell

Installed new HammerLEDS this weekend on Husqvarna 701 Enduro. Install was easy along with relay provided. They are very bright, look great and I really like the Flex. I had ordered these over the winter and waited for the first run to come to the US. They came in at the time I needed to replace an OEM blinker that recently broke removing luggage after a long day. HAMMERLEDS should remedy that being a future problem!